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          Free Call 01373 812705

          Welcome to Girls Gone By Publishers

          8 October – we are fully open, and books are normally being sent out every week-day, except that we are now on holiday, returning on Monday 18 October. ?See our Instagram Page

          Please scroll down the page, and sign up for the Friday e-newsletter. This is normally sent every Friday, and gives up-to-date news of where we are with Books Coming Soon, as well as thinking about future titles.

          Girls Gone By Publishers re-publishes some of the most popular fiction from the twentieth century, concentrating on those titles which are most sought after, and difficult to find on the second-hand market.
          We use the complete and unabridged text from first editions (except in very rare cases when we cannot find a first edition), together with all the illustrations. All of our books come with at least one introduction by an ‘expert’ in the field, and with a publishing history which includes illustrations of all editions (these often make fascinating reading).
          Our aim is to make these books available at affordable prices, and to make ownership possible not only for existing collectors but also for new collectors so that the survival of the books is continued.
          In addition, we publish Chalet School fill-in titles. These are edited to a very high standard, and our aim is to make each one so that it could have been written by Elinor Brent-Dyer. You will find these both under their own authors, and also under Chalet School Titles.
          We also have a programme of non fiction titles related to the genre. Some of these are larger in format, and all include a lot of black-and-white illustrations.

          Sign Up for our Friday

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